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Get 35% Rakeback at Players Only Poker

The Merge Network no longer offers rakeback, which means rakeback at Players Only does not exist. An alternative site you can try is Bet Online. Although they don't offer rakeback, they do give you 25% of your first deposit instantly. Bet Online accepts all USA players and eChecks.

Bet Online

All you need to do in order to get started with 35% rakeback at PlayersOnly is to follow the steps below and you will get started in no time.

• Click this link or the PlayersOnly banner on this page.
• Create your account at
• Download the poker software and create your poker alias.
• Your account is now set up to receive 35% rakeback every month. If you would like us to confirm that you got tracked properly please send us an email at info @ and we will have a look and confirm that all is ok.

It is very important that you use either our link or click the banner on this page in order to get tracked for rakeback. If you fail to do so you will end up with a regular account without a rakerback deal.

When creating your rakeback account at PlayersOnly Poker through us you will not only get the 35% rakeback deal, you will also get to take part of all the other promotions available at PlayersOnly. This means that you will also get a 100% bonus when you make your first deposit up to a maximum of $650. In order to claim this bonus you will need to make a deposit and then enter the promo code PLAYERS100 in order to activate your bonus. This bonus is released in $10 increments for every 167 player points that you earn by playing at the real money tables. At the same time as you are playing to clear the bonus you are also getting 35% rakeback, the bonus amount is however deducted from the gross rake.

This is an example of how the rakeback is calculated while clearing the bonus, let’s say that you have cleared the full bonus amount during the same month and while doing this you have generated $2650 in rake. $2650 (Gross rake) - $650 (Bonus) = $2000 (Net rake). $2000 * 0.35 = $700.

As you can see in this example you will be getting the bonus of $650 like any other player at PlayersOnly, but since you signed up through us to get a rakeback account you will be getting an additional $660 at the beginning of the following month. This is what makes rakeback so great, it can turn you from a break even player to a winning player over night simple by giving some of your rake back.

Once the full bonus amount in cleared you will no longer have any deductions from the gross rake so if you generate $2650 in rake the following month as well you will be getting 35% rakeback on the full amount since there are no bonus deductions.

The rakeback payments are made by PlayersOnly Poker between the 1st and 5th of every month. If your looking for a bonus program equivillant to rakeback, you might want to try Full Tilt Poker's "Black Card" club. The club uses a similar model whereby players get paid based on their points. Full Tilt offers a $600 bonus for new players when you signup via a Full Tilt referral code (Full Tilt Poker Referenzcode).

If you would like to know more about PlayersOnly you can read all about it in our extensive PlayersOnly Review and if you have any questions about the PlayersOnly rakeback deal you can find the answers to most of them on our Rakeback FAQ page.

PlayersOnly Poker Rakeback
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